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Remember when Simon & Garfunkel dabbled in metal?



how can someone be asexual? i’m glad you asked. obviously i can’t speak for all of us but i for one lost my sexuality in a drunken game of poker against captain jack harkness.

how multisexuals are made: we win our sexuality off the asexuals



deep sea mermaids

These are magnificent. The Gulper Eel is just…dude.


The \nNon-racist response when someone says, “hey, that’s racist” goes something like this: “Hey, I didn’t think of it way. Thanks, I was about to be a total dick,” or even, “I am not sure I understand, could you explain it?” Hell, even “I’ve thought about it, and I think I can pull this off” would be better.

But no. You have to mock people for telling you your idea is racist and that the show’s creators have specifically said not to do it, and eye-rollingly called on that old bullshit, “Tumblr social justice team is just so sensitive.” Tumblr’s not so sensitive — we’re just more likely to call out bullshit here, whereas in the “real world,” we’d be risking getting our asses kicked for speaking up.













Finally finished my Fem Apache Tracker cosplay. I couldn’t be happier. 

Thanks Frankenkitty67 for taking the pics :D

You do realize that in dressing as this character you’re doing exactly what made him awful in the first place, right?

Also. (maxnmona = Joseph Fink, FYI)

I’m a smart-ass, thats’ the whole point. 

This unapologetically racist clump, holy shit. 

"I’m a smart-ass" isn’t an excuse for doing absolutely racist shit? The creators themselves have said that it is not okay to dress as nor create visual art of this character.

Sarcastic or not, cosplaying and creating art of him is still glorifying a racist character, and even without the context of “cosplay”, the act of wearing that is in itself is an act of cultural appropriation, whitewashing, and outright racism.

There is no excuse for being a racist asshole. Absolutely fucking none.

So lemme ask you this, if I cosplay Light Yagami, does that automatically  make me a killer? If I cosplay Hannibal does that make me a cannibal? If I cosplay Gamzee, does that male me a juggalo murderer? If I cosplay fem Carlos and don’t have dark skin, does that make me racist? No. It makes me, a person, cosplaying a character. That’s it.

What made him a bad person was specifically the way he dressed.

Cosplaying as villains does not entail actually killing people. There’s a huge fucking difference.

So cosplaying a character who is accused of being a racist, makes me racist. 

As usual the tumblr social justice team is being dumb. Any,this is an awesome cosplay and if you want call me racist, I don’t care. Just because someone cosplays a character, who is racist or a serial killer, doesn’t make the person wearing the cosplay a racist or a serial killer.If you want to call this cosplayer racist, then you might as well call every person who cosplays Connor from Assains Creed, who isn’t Native American, a racist as well. But oh, no one will do that because it’s a stupid idea.  

Oh my god stop. This is something that THE SHOW ITSELF and also THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE IT have explicitly said is wrong. This character’s racism is entirely dependent on his appearance and dress, while the fact that serial killers murder people has nothing to do with what  they look like. 

I just had to reblog this because I can’t believe that someone could listen to the show, hear Cecil’s clear disdain for the Apache Tracker literally because of his cultural appropriation, and then reproduce that and defend it. Do you watch this show at all? Hahahahaha.






This is one of my favorite childhood stories.


I loved these books

I loved this story as a child, and as an adult I am horrified that I loved it so much.


I never read these as a kid. Obviously I missed out … though it kinda reads like something I would have written as a kid!

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when straight guys ask how lesbian sex works i feel really bad for their girlfriends because if you dont understand how to have sex with a girl in any way other than repeatedly putting your dick in her you are having some really bad sex

I want to reblog this 100 times but I’ll just do it once






Why do some people who are fighting for equality think it’s acceptable to fight hate with hate? Martin Luther King succeeded in promoting equality through his optimism of the future, not his pessimism of the past…

It is very important to learn about the oppression put on many different groups of people, it is important to learn from it and understand how and why it happened, and how it can be stopped. But hating someone isn’t going to help you or anyone else. No one expects you to love homophobes or racist people, but it will help any movement so much more to educate people rather than just say “I HATE YOU!” They learn nothing, except that you hate each other equally. Hate does not bread love, only further indifference. How long will it take for you to figure that out???

You act like you can’t learn anything from angry people, that our anger invalidates our message. Let me be the first to say that’s bullshit.

I’ve learned a shit ton from angry people.

And here’s the thing: People who REALLY want to learn, will not be turned away by anger; people who are turned away by anger, never really wanted to learn.

Also: who the hell said Martin Luther King, Jr wasn’t angry? He was angry as shit. But that’s not the bit that gets posted on plaques.






My thoughts exactly.

Anonymous asked:

You just shouldn't wear dresses. End of argument.





here we go

i’m a fucking princess.

weasel wranglers like you can’t control what i wear

but it’s precious that you think your opinion matters to me, you absolute sack of mouldy bread

princess no matter what i wear, dick

I’m going to print this out and mount it on my wall next to my other works of art


iamala submitted:

After rereading Catching Fire, I am convinced that Katniss Everdeen is demisexual.

In the scene where she first encounters all the other victors, they try to throw her off by kissing, flirting, stripping and Peeta explains it’s because she’s so sort of ‘innocent’, like how she would not look at him naked in the arena even when he was dying. It shows that there is something different about her and everyone else is aware of it.

She mentions in a slightly puzzled manner that she had never found Finnick Odair attractive and she wasn’t sure why. And she never uses language hinting at physical response to anyone, not even Peeta and Gale. In fact, she specifically mentions how Peeta’s kisses calm her because they are a show of affection. When she mentions kissing Gale, it is always as some sort of declaration of allegience, showing him she has chosen him over Peeta.

But one of the main reasons I think Katniss is demisexual, is that when she kisses Peeta on the beach in the arena, a big deal is made about how she, for the first time, enjoys the act of kissing, it’s the first time she seems to sense any kind of physical desire. And this is only after, as she mentions on the train, she has let go of everyone at home, of Gale, and let herself find comfort and partnership in Peeta, convinced she will die. Only after becoming very emotionally entwined with Peeta, sleeping in his arms, finding comfort at his touch, does she specifically mention anything about any form olf desire.

For Katniss kisses and physical affection like that are largely described as a sort of tactic. It takes a real connection for her to refer to them in any other way. When describing appearance she also seems to speak with a somewhat objective air. And she also repeatedly mentions how she has no idea how to be sexy or flirtatious etc.

Stonewall was colored folks, poor folks, transsexuals, femmes, butches… a little bit of everybody. But the narrative that gets sold to people is that it was all these ‘A-Gay’ white normative people. That’s not who riots. Sorry.

Juba Kalamka in this interview (via soldadera-del-amor)

"that’s not who riots".

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THATS NOT WHO RIOTS!! so perfect

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